Key Lime Pie

May 2, 2008

This weekend I tried another kind of pie. I’ve been wanting to do a key lime pie for a while, and I promised the admin at work that I’d bring in something nice for her. I was having dinner at a friend’s house, too, so the pie got to pull double duty.

Anyway, I used my typical nilla wafer crust, then followed the recipe for the lemon filling, which was surprisingly easy. The recipe said to use whipping cream when you serve it, but I needed the pie to last a few days and didn’t want to bother carrying separate whipping cream around, so I took the meringue recipe from the lemon meringue pie I had made a couple weeks prior and used that instead. I baked it for a quarter hour, and it came out just right. I was of course worried that the filling hadn’t solidified, but with the meringue on top there was no way of knowing until I cut into it.

Fortunately, at dinner it turned out to be perfect. It was very sweet, but it tasted perfect. The next day my admin and manager got slices, and a couple other people. It went over really well with them, too. It’s definitely a dessert I’ll do again, and it was pretty easy to do, too.

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